Your Kawaii Shop for Maids & Maid Boys

You love the cute Kawaii Lolita style of Maid Outfits as much as we do? Then you’ve come to the right place! Fairmaid is your store for cute kawaii styles, kitty accessories, femboy fashion and more <3

Fairmaid offers you premium outfits at great prices. So, feel free to browse around and put together your maid outfit :3

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Hey Maid Boys & Girls, pay attention! At Fairmaid you will find your personal Maid Dress <3

Kitty Fashion, Chokers & Collars

How about cute cat ears, a tail or a personalized collar for you?

We offer a wide variety of accessories because we know that every maiden is unique :3

We love every Maid!

Femboy Fashion Store

Of course maid dresses are not only for girls, but also for our boys <3

We even have special men’s sizes on offer, feel free to have a look around.